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When I was sworn into office on February 1st I knew this was more than just a year-long job. Susan Fisher gave so many years of service to the district and I know that pushing forward a progressive agenda in Raleigh requires a vision of much more than one year. Many of you have asked me how you can help and now I have an answer for you: you can support my campaign through a donation. You could give your money to many worth candidates (or buy anything online) so why give to me?

  • With redistricting, my district has become more competitive. It will take an "all hands on deck" approach to win in November.

  • Your support will not only help my race but support democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Success in District 116 can make the difference in winning a majority in the State House, holding on the the State Supreme Court, and winning a critical US Senate race. The success of our democracy literally runs through this district.

  • I haven’t forgotten my organizing roots and believe that we can use all of the Democratic energy and fundraising here in Buncombe to help candidates around the state who are in more competitive districts. If we are going to take back the NC State House, hold on to the State Supreme Court, and win the US Senate race we need to be smart and think about the bigger picture.

You can donate to my campaign through Act Blue by clicking on the button below.

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